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Improving Performance in Practice
PA IPIP Collaborative Curriculum

The change package used by IPIP is the Chronic Care Model with emphasis on elements such as:
  • Clinical Information Systems (ex: EHR systems or patient registries)
  • Decision Support (ex: algorithms)
  • Patient Self-Management (ex: action plans)
  • Delivery System Design (ex: team-based care)
The Residency Program Collaborative teaches the Chronic Care Model in the context of the Patient-Centered Medical Home. Our curriculum helps to operationalize concepts such as: 
  • Population management
  • Expanded team care
  • Patient-centeredness
  • Performance measurement
  • Care coordination
  • Evidenced-based care
Practices quickly test interventions using the Model for Improvement. PDSA (Plan-Do-Study-Act) cycles are an element of the Model for Improvement and help practices to perform small tests in a day or even hours. This is not a research project; practices develop a plan, do a test, study the result then act on that information quickly and repeatedly. This facilitates the implementation and spread of successful interventions and avoidance of unsuccessful interventions.

We use the Breakthrough Series to structure the clinical, process and quality improvement education in a 12-month curriculum. IPIP sponsors four quarterly educational conferences – three “learning sessions” and an “outcomes congress,” when teams celebrate the past year’s achievements. During the “action periods” held between the conferences, PA IPIP holds conference calls to maintain contact with the teams and bolster their education.

PA IPIP provides a triad of core services:
  • Coaching/Facilitation -- Teams are implementing significant changes to their care delivery system, and our staff and physician faculty are behind them 100% for support, to answer questions and to share resources. 
  • Clinical, Process and QI Education -- Quarterly learning sessions, monthly conference calls and a monthly newsletter provide progressive education on the core concepts. 
  • Data Collection & Sharing -- Using an EHR or a patient registry, practices measure their improvement monthly and receive reports to help them interpret the data and stay on track.
These services are provided in an “all teach, all learn” collaborative environment, facilitated through regular face-to-face meetings, phone conferences, a list serve and transparent sharing of performance data.

PA IPIP teaches the Chronic Care Model in the context of the Patient-Centered Medical Home in two ways, through: 
  • Collaboratives (see sidebar at right for more)
  • CME conferences, online CME, IPIP Library
  • The CME events, online CME and IPIP Library are designed to help primary care physicians to begin those crucial first stages toward implementing continuous quality improvement and patient-centeredness. Learn more about these events…


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